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My life’s journey has taken me from a small steel town in Pennsylvania to the Pennsylvania State University, where I received a degree in elementary education. My long career has taken me into many classrooms. As an educator I worked as a classroom teacherand as a specialist teacher, I taught both learning disabled students and highly gifted children. I earned a master’s degree in gifted child education from Northeastern Illinois University. I taught children from kindergarten through the college level. At the college level, I taught writing.

I began writing educational books, some of which are now difficult to find. I will share with you the currently available titles.

Pieces of Learning published Fairy Tales on Trial and Advanced Fairy Tales on Trial. These books offer students the challenge of constructing a real trial with fairy tale characters and characters from novels. The process combines language arts skills, questioning skills, drama, and higher level thinking skills. Children are engaged and actively prosecuting misbehavior. Students learn about the law, character, and ethics. They find constructing and dramatizing a full trial so much fun. Students love to watch their audiences struggle with a verdict, debate the issues, and try to come to a consensus. 


 All of my writings have drawn on my personal experiences. After my mother died, I wrote Help me Say Goodbye: Activities for Helping Kids Cope When a Special Person Dies.(Fairview Press). This is an individual grief and art therapy book for children and provides a way for them to express their emotions and to remember their loved one.

Because of chronic health challenges, I began using meditation for pain and stress. This took me in a new direction of self-discovery. As I wrote my own meditations, I became more aware and attuned to myself and others. I learned how powerful guided imagery meditation is. What I pictured in my mind became my reality.

I visualized the beauty of nature and integrated its power into my mind, my body and my soul. Many more imagery “stories” followed. I wanted to give this gift of imagery and positive thought to children. I believe that guided imagery empowers children to overcome life’s obstacles .Guided imagery meditation helps children rewrite their life’s story, to pick themselves up and to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. In 2011 YouthLight, Inc., published my imagery stories for children in Imagine That! Imagery Stories and Activities to help Young People Learn to Improve Their behavioral Self-Control.  Imagery stories and activities support children as they grapple with fear, relationships, self-confidence, problem-solving, and so much more. Best of all, children learn to relax as they carve out time to step away from what stresses them. 


Breast Cancer Journey

 As I continued on my life’s journey, I dealt with breast cancer two years ago. When I could not find meditations specifically about breast cancer, I began writing my own guided imagery meditations. .I wrote daily about the shock of diagnosis to the struggle I had with pain and exhaustion from the surgery and radiation treatments, to the joy of recovery. I had many positive outcomes from guided imagery meditation: less stress, less pain, and lowered level of anxiety. Meditation helped me stay positive throughout the breast cancer experience.

These imagery stories are now in the form of five books available in digital Ebooks  and (Amazon Kindle) and audio (Audible, iTunes, downloads).  Relax: Staying Grounded After Diagnosis Reflect: Cultivating Your Garden After Surgery;   Restore: Seeing beyond Exhaustion and Side Effects; and Recover: Healing and Renewal.

A complete unabridged collection of my breast cancer meditations, poems and nondenominational prayers are found in  Relax, Reflect, Restore and Recover: Guided Imagery Meditations for Women with Breast Cancer. This book is only available as an Amazon Kindle Ebook. It can be downloaded to Kindle, iPad, iPod,or PC.

Writing has been a good friend throughout the passages of my life. Meditation and guided imagery have supported me through good and rough times. Currently I am creating guided imagery meditations for young children and for adults. I have many ideas for children’s stories, as well. I know that my writing will travel with me as a companion throughout my future.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from my books. I wish you safe passage on your life’s travels. 

Relax, Reflect, Restore, and Recover




Available as an Amazon Kindle Book or as individual Audible Books form




Author's Note

I am grateful. Grateful for each breath, each moment. and each new day. I embrace what is good in my life…my husband, my children and grandsons, dear friends. I love the seasons, the flowers in Spring, the summer crepe myrtle blossoms, hanging like grapes in an array of colors. The gentle cool breezes of late fall with stunning leaves adorning nature and the fresh blanket of pure white snow covering my world.

I try to stay focused in the moment, relishing a good book, a provocative or funny movie, a delicious meal shared with someone I love. I love writing and make that a routine.

My world changed thirty years ago when I developed rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s Syndrome, both autoimmune disorders. That’s when I began writing. I could write and create through disappointments, challenges, and pain. The world of ideas, the release and flow created when writing nourished my soul.

I began sharing ideas, compositions, books. Although writing is a solo activity, the sharing, I found connected me to new communities. The education books are shared with educators and parents, while the counseling books are shared with “soul sisters and brothers.” I am so grateful for how writing connects me to myself and to others. When someone tells me that Help me Say Goodbye comforted and helped a child, I get teary.. I connect soul to soul. I am grateful.

Every meditation expresses an emotion, creating an outlet for suffering, fear, pain, love, light, grace, and hope.  As I release my spirit through poems, nondenominational prayer and guided imagery meditation, I give a small part of myself to comfort others. For this I am thankful. To all my readers, I am appreciative. I have found that words are powerful. They can hurt, or they can soothe. I write to comfort myself and others. I hope my words stimulate, challenge, quiet and comfort.

Thank you for visiting my site.  If you’d like to contact me, please use my blog found on this site. You can also communicate on my Facebook Author Page at Janis L. Silverman or my Amazon Books Author Page. To find the latter, just type Janis L. Silverman in the Amazon books search box. Thanks for visiting. 

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